The Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland
Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland

About the Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland

Scotland’s livestock auctioneers play an integral role in the agricultural industry, key players in the marketing chain from farm to farm and farm to end user.

The Institute represents livestock auctioneering companies at National and European level and is regularly consulted by Scottish Government and other stakeholder bodies, on issues relevant to the handling and marketing of livestock.

The Institute has twenty three corporate members, operating in 32 markets throughout Scotland, The IAAS also have a number of non-livestock members. Details of the services provided and contact information is included on other pages of this web-site.

The IAAS enjoys an excellent working relationship with Scottish Government  and is a member of the permanent forum, the Stakeholders Group. Recognising its responsibilities in relation to animal health and welfare, the IAAS has been active in the establishment of guidance on best practice for livestock auction markets in Scotland. Through its involvement with stakeholders, the Institute encourages awareness of biosecurity both in markets and on farms.

IAAS office-bearers serve on a number of industry bodies and consultative committees.

The IAAS plays an integral role in the European Association of Livestock Markets and is regularly consulted by European colleagues on a number of pertinent issues, particularly animal transport, animal health and welfare, animal identification and other important issues.

The IAAS has re-vamped its education and examination structure for up-and-coming auctioneers and valuers. It has worked with the LAA in England on the development of courses in Livestock Market Operations and Management gaining University College Foundation Certificate and Certificate of Higher Education run in conjunction with Harper Adams University College.

The IAAS is pleased to be part of the EID Working Group on the electronic identification of Cattle, working with ScotEID and the Scottish Government pilot.

The IAAS is a strong supporter of farm assurance schemes. Historically, its members have led the industry in promoting the values of such schemes. The IAAS has always regarded its involvement with such schemes as beneficial to its members, the livestock and food industries, the scheme operators and regulators and ultimately to consumers. 32 Scottish livestock auction marts are assured under the QMS Scheme.

On the subject of sheep tagging the IAAS and its members were involved in the development of sheep traceability and continue to work with Scottish Government and the EU Commission.

The IAAS sits on the Rural Arbitration & Valuation Nomination Committee, whose role is to nominate valuers in cases of dispute under The Land Reform Act. Other members are The Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors and The Scottish Association of Agricultural Valuers. The IAAS have a non-livestock subcommittee meeting regularly discussing relevant issues. 

The IAAS was founded in 1926. It presently has 23 corporate members and 185 individual members.

Members of the IAAS are involved in the marketing of livestock mainly through the ring and also on an agency basis. They act as brokers for farm entitlements, feedstuffs and other goods. They undertake land sales and valuations, act as valuers of livestock, farm equipment and compensation claims. Some members conduct sales of antiques, collectables and specialist auctions.

The IAAS has recently revised its Articles of Association and Professional Code of Practice in line with other similar professional bodies.